Publikationen und Vorträge

Linking effectuation to causation in chinese hig-tech entrepreneurship (04.11.11)
Strategic framing based on culture, cognition and institutional context
Andrew Isaak, Yipeng Liu
G-Forum, Zürich, 2.-4.11.2011
Publikationen: Neuer Artikel zu High tech Entrepreneurship in China erschienen (24.06.11)
Liu Yipeng veröffentlicht seinen Beitrag: "High-tech ventures' innovation and influences of institutional voids: A comparative study of two high-tech parks in China", im Journal of Chinese Entrepreneurship, Vol. 3 Iss: 2, pp.112 - 133.
Publikation: A Systemizing Research Framework for Web 2.0 (11.06.11)
D. Steininger, J. Huntgeburth, D. Veit (2011)
A Systemizing Research Framework for Web 2.0
In: Proceedings of the 19th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS), 9th to 11th of June 2011, Helsinki, Finland. [VHB: B]
Publikation: Brave New World Economy: Global Finance Threatens Our Future - Buch (25.03.11)
Wilhelm Hankel (former Director of the German Economic Finance Ministry, Department of Money and Credit) und Robert Isaak (ifm, Visiting Professor Entrepreneurship) haben ein neues Buch veröffentlicht. mehr...
Fachbeitrag vom ifm Mannheim im DZI-Spendenalmanach 2010/11 erschienen (10.12.10)
Alexandra Mannsky und Nicole Susan Roschker (PwC)haben im frisch erschienen DZI-Spendenalmanach 2010/11 im Rahmen des Fachbeitrags „Non-Profit bedeutet nicht Non-Professionell“ die Teilergebnisse der Studie Trends der Professionalisierung in
Nonprofit-Organisationen vorgestellt. mehr...
Publikation: Cross-National Study of Individual and Institutional Determinants of Women's Entrepreneurship Is Published In Edward Elgar (30.11.10)
The book chapter "Exploring the Heterogeneity of Women's Entrepreneurship: The Impact of Family Structure and Family Policies in Europe and the US" by Vartuhí Tonoyan, Michelle Budig & Robert Strohmeyer has been published in Edward Elgar. mehr...
Publikation: New Study about “Corruption and Entrepreneurship” is Published in a Leading Entrepreneurship Journal (02.11.10)
The study “Corruption and Entrepreneurship: How Formal and Informal Institutions Shape Small Firm Behavior in Transition and Mature Market economies” by Vartuhí Tonoyan, Robert Strohmeyer, Mohsin Habib and Manfred Perlitz, has been published in the 2010 September issue of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice (ET&P). mehr...
2009 Academy of Management Meeting, Chicago, US (09.08.09)
Dr. Vartuhí Tonoyan, Institute for SME Research at the University of Mannheim, presented a paper on the role of trust for entrepreneurs' and small business owners' actual involvement in corrupt deals in a cross-national comparison of 22 European countries at the 2009 Academy of Management Meeting in Chicago, US. mehr...
Dissertationsverteidigung mit Auszeichnung von Frau Dr. Vartuhi Tonoyan (26.07.09)
Vartuhi Tonoyan, hat ihre Promotion zum Thema „Corruption, Entrepreneurship and Institutional Environment - A Cross-National Comparison between Emerging and Mature Market Economies“ am 3. Juni 2009 an der Betriebswirtschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Mannheim mit Auszeichnung („summa cum laude“) abgeschlossen. mehr...
Publikation: From collective learning to Silicon Valley replication: The limits to synergistic entrepreneurship in Sophia Antipolis - Artikel in Research in International Business and Finance (25.07.09)
Prof. Robert Isaak (ifm, Visiting Professor in Entrepreneurship) hat einen Artikel im Journal "Research in International Business and Finance" publiziert. mehr...
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