Publikation: Cross-National Study of Individual and Institutional Determinants of Women's Entrepreneurship Is Published In Edward Elgar

The book chapter "Exploring the Heterogeneity of Women's Entrepreneurship: The Impact of Family Structure and Family Policies in Europe and the US" by Vartuhí Tonoyan, Michelle Budig & Robert Strohmeyer has been published in Edward Elgar.

This study makes several contributions to women’s entrepreneurship literature. First, the authors explore whether determinants predicting women’s entrepreneurship vary by the type of occupation entered. They disaggregate entrepreneurship into professional (high-skilled) and non-professional (low- skilled and non-skilled) occupations. The primary focus is to understand whether family structure (motherhood and partner’s occupational status) has a differential impact on the qualification profile of women entrepreneurs. Second, the authors analyze the pathways into different forms of entrepreneurship across 22 European countries as well as the US to understand how country-specific institutional environments may influence women’s entry into high-skill entrepreneurship versus low-skill entrepreneurship. More specifically, they examine how policies which aim at women’s reconciliation of family and work duties -such as leave policies, policies regulating early childhood education and care as well as school scheduling- may affect female entrepreneurs’ occupational profile. 

About the book

Brush, C., A. de Bruin, E. Gatewood & C. Henry (2010), Women Entrepreneurs and The Global Environment for Growth: A Research Perspective, Edward Elgar Publishing House (

About the authors:
  • Dr. Vartuhí Tonoyan is Assistant Professor in Management at the University of Mannheim and Head of Entrepreneurship Research Division at the Mannheim’s Institute for SME Research. She is visiting research fellow at the Graduate School of Business at the Stanford University.  
  • Dr. Michelle Budig is Associate Professor of Sociology and Associate Director of Social and Demographic Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, US (  
  • Robert Strohmeyer is senior research fellow and PhD-Candidate at the Mannheim’s Institute for SME Research.  


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