Publikation von ifm-Mitarbeiter Robert Strohmeyer zu Geschlechterunterschieden im Innovationsverhalten von Unternehmen ist im Journal of Business Venturing erschienen

Der Artikel "Jacks-(and Jills)-of-all-trades: on whether, how and why gender influences firm innovativeness" von Robert Strohmeyer, Vartuhi Tonoyan und Jennifer Jennings wurde zur Publikation im Journal of Business Venturing akzeptiert und ist online verfügbar unter

Abstract: The study examines whether, how and why an entrepreneur's gender influences firm innovativeness. Drawing upon research on gender-segregated educational and employment experiences, the authors suggest that firms led by women will exhibit less innovation breadth and depth than those led by men due to differences in the degree to which male versus female entrepreneurs resemble ‘jacks-(or jills)-of-all trades’. Analysis of survey data collected from 900 business owner-managers in Germany lends overall support—albeit with some noteworthy exceptions. The findings point to the need for an even more nuanced approach to research at the nexus of gender, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

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Dr. Robert Strohmeyer
Prof. Dr. Vartuhi Tonoyan