Best Paper Award for Baris Istipliler, Jan-Philipp Ahrens, Suleika Bort, and Andrew Isaak

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University of Mannheim's young scientists and ifm members Baris Istipliler (PhD student Univ. Mannheim), and Jan-Philipp Ahrens (assistant professor Management Area Univ. Mannheim), Suleika Bort (Prof. Univ. Chemnitz/ifm) and Andrew Isaak (Prof. Univ. Solbridge/ifm) analyzed the cognitive biases that are created when family CEO successors are learning to lead inside the very firm that is run by their family. Their research was judged by reviewers and a panel of experts as one of the best submissions, in particular as research that adresses a very practical question "Where should my children learn to lead?" with high academic rigor.

This recent working paper, and the other works on family firms of the researchers, is requestable via researchgate:

The main finding of the focal study is that family heirs should learn leadership outside their own family firm in order to avoid a series of cognitive biases that negatively affect their post-succession performance. In a panel of 804 German succession cases in family firms the researchers show that halo effects, story biases, adherence to the status quo and attribution biases are fostered if successors learn inside their own family’s business. Their research also find positive aspects due to the experience gained from learning inside the own firm, but this experience, for instance general industry experience, can also be obtained outside the own family firm, thus without the development of the aforementioned cognitive biases.

The paper was presented at the International Family Business Research Forum in Monaco. With very high rejection rates (at around 66%), a revision round for submitted papers, as well as senior scholar discussions for every accepted paper, the International Family Business Research Forum is one of most competitive conferences in the field of the family business research. By several scholars it is considered as the leading conference of their discipline in Europe. Scientists from 35 countries presented new family business research at the conference, which this year was hosted by the International University of Monaco.




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