Assistant Prof. Dr. Ahrens teaches "Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Approaches" at the Summer School of Mannheim University

Today’s economic landscape is influenced by highly innovative ventures of two major groups: Young entrepreneurial start-ups such as Tesla, and existing firms such as IBM or Google with strong intrapreneurial activities and innovation management. But how can we manage innovation, how can we lever entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial resources and capabilities? What are key entrepreneurial competencies of founders and (future) top level executives in today’s fast moving digital business world? These are the topics covered at this year's summer school at Mannheim University. Light is also shed on techniques for competitive positioning and strategic dimensions of recent developments such as digitalization and their implications for new ventures and business models.



Öffentliche Veranstaltungen

Universität Mannheim | Fuchs-Petrolub Saal
i-share: Forschungsprojekt zur Wirkung der Sharing Economy in Deutschland
Universität Mannheim
weitere Veranstaltungen

Usability in Germany Tagung 2020

UX and beyond: Digitalisierung menschzentriert gestalten
Am 5. November 2020 findet die UIG-Tagung an der Universität Mannheim statt.

Sechstes i-share Symposium

Am 12. Oktober findet das sechste i-share Symposium an der Universität Mannheim statt.


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