Jan-Philipp Ahrens and Baris Istipliler describe new management technique for the sharing economy [accepted for publication, VHB: A]

In their recent research, the authors (Jan-Philipp Ahrens, Assistant Prof. Area Management, Baris Istipliler, PhD student Area Management, Andrew Isaak, Assistant Prof. Univ. Düsseldorf, and Dennis Steiniger, Assistant Prof. Univ. Augsburg) observe a novel management technique whose emergence is facilitated by recent developments in information systems-enabled contexts and which is particularly apt for steering and managing shared desires or dreams of a crowd, a topic of relevance also for the current debate on climate change. For the team of young researchers it is the second VHB A publication within 12 months, a time-span during which their research was nominated or honored with 6 peer reviewed awards.



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