Startup Lounge #89 - shroome

We are excited to welcome MARS - Mannheim Runway for Startups from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences as our co-feature partner for our next Startup Lounge.

We will be welcoming shroom aiming at revolutionizing the food market with their meat substituting mushrooms. Join us for good conversation and some drinks at Tiffany Mannheim to kick off in person Startup Lounges again.

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For access to the Startup Lounge, you will have to follow the hygiene concept and 2G-rules (or stricter if the current regulations at the time of event mandate).



About shroome:

Meat substitutes are playing an increasingly important role in society but are limited and deter certain target groups due to numerous ingredients and high processing levels. This niche is to be filled by an edible tree mushroom (Laetiporus sulphureus), whose fruiting body imitates the taste and structure of chicken meat. Unlike ordinary mushrooms, this one has a firm and fibrous texture. As a natural product without additives, by forming its own flavors and rich macro- and micronutrients, it is superior to conventional meat substitutes. Given natural healing properties, it is valued as an ingredient in dishes, but remains a niche product that cannot be sourced from controlled cultivation and is primarily reserved for mushroom hunters familiar with mushroom and tree taxonomy. This project aims to establish, optimize, and commercialize a mushroom culture for the first time, making its fruiting bodies and meat substitute products thereof available to the masses.



Die MCEI Startup Lounge ist der Ort, um sich inspirieren zu lassen, auszutauschen und in das Mannheimer Startup-Ökosystem einzutauchen. Treffen Sie Startups und kreative Köpfe, um großartige Ideen in einer entspannten Atmosphäre zu diskutieren. Jede Startup Lounge bietet ein inspirierendes Gespräch von einem (normalerweise early-stage) Venture, um die Diskussion in Gang zu bringen. Dazu gibt es Budget für Getränke (bereitgestellt von MCEI oder einem unserer Co-Feature-Partner), so dass dem ungezwungenen Austausch nichts mehr im Wege steht. Kommen Sie vorbei, wenn Sie sich für Startups interessieren, Ihr Netzwerk in der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar ausbauen und den Unternehmergeist leben wollen.

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