MCEI-Foundertalk mit Marc Mazur von PreviPharma

Am Dienstag, den 29. März, wird Marc Mazur vom Mannheimer Medizinstartup PreviPharma im MCEI-Foundertalk auftreten. Die Veranstaltung ist wie immer offen und Gäste jeder Art herzlich willkommen.

PreviPharma's unique capabilities include research and technology services for the plasma industry. With these services, the researchers from Mannheim are developing new drugs from blood plasma to save people's lives. These drugs help people with genetic defects: For example, when a person's limbs swell because he or she has a clotting disorder or suffers from immune deficiency. To learn more about what PreviPharma does, the story behind it, and the challenges Marc Mazur has faced, join our Founder Talk and enjoy an enlightening evening.

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