Journal Article coauthored by PhD Candidate Baris Istipliler and Prof. Dr. Michael Woywode is published at Journal of Business Research (VHB: B)

The article shows how resource-restricted small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) deal with institutional constraints inherent in transition economies and successflly overcome them. Combining an institutional perspective with a relational view we posit that innovative capabilities, along with networking activities enable these firms to tap into crucial resources external to their organizations.

The article carries the title of “Flowers of Adversity: Institutional Constraints and Innovative SMEs in Transition Economies” and is coauthored by PhD candidate Baris Istipliler and Prof. Dr. Michael Woywode at ifm of University Mannheim along with Prof. Dr. Suleika Bort at University of Passau. Analysis of a unique dataset of a total 518 SMEs from Ukraine and Russia offers support for our conjecture and show that a firm’s innovativeness coupled with local partnerships and resource sharing activities can help to mitigate the negative relationship between institutional constraints and firm performance. Accordingly, the study provides a more-nuanced understanding of how SMEs in highly turbulent transition economies deal with institutional constraints and increase their performance. 

The article is published with an Open Access license agreement and can be accessed for free under the following link:



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