Economics of Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment

In spring semester 2009, Professor Michael Woywode and Vartuhi Tonoyan will be holding the lecture "Economics of Entrepreneurship and Self-Employment". This lecture will substitute the former "International Entrepreneurship Research and Practice" (IERP).

1) Course Description
This lecture will introduce students to classicial and modern theories of entrepreneurship and small business and discuss empirical evidence on various topics concerning the life cycle of the firm (birth, growth and exit). Comparing countries with different institutional environments, it enhances the understanding of the role the country's institutional set-up (e.g. property rights, taxes, entry requirements, corporate governance mechanisms for family businesses) plays in facilitating or restricting entrepreneurship and the small business sector.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about "hot topics" in entrepreneurship/small business research (e.g. high tech start-ups, minority businesses, corruption and entrepreneurship, internationalization strategies of entrepreneurs).

Dr. Georg Licht , the head of the Divison of Industrial Economics and International Management at the ZEW Mannheim (see, is inquired as a guest lecturer.

The course language is English.

2) Teaching level
The course is formally recognized as a constituting part of the "Hauptstudium der BWL" (SBWL: "International Management") and is adressing students at the master/graduate level.

3) ECTS points
Students are granted 6 ECTS-pints for this course.

4) Time and Location
From 02/25/2009 until 05/27/2009 every Wednesday 12.00 - 1.30 pm in O 142

5) Registration
Registration is compulsory! Interested students have to register at the Chair of  "SMEs and Entrepreneurship" during 02/09/-02/13/2009 between 10 and 12 am. Please bring your ECUM -card (students' ID) to obtain admission to this lecture. Please note that the attendance is restricted to 70 participants who will be selected by "first come, first serve".

6) Contact person
Contact person for this course is Ms. Vartuhi Tonoyan ;
(Office Hours: Wednesdays: 3.00-5.00 pm; phone: 0621-181-2895; email:

For further information consult the attached syllabus under "Dateien".


Registration deadline in "Economics of Entrepreneurship" for EXCHANGE STUDENTS extended to 02/20 (14.02.09)
Dear students,
for exchange students only registration for the course "Economics of Entrepreneurship" is possible until Friday, 20th February. Please register by sending an e-mail to "" including your full name, your ID-number, your home university and your home country.
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