Cross-Cultural Management: Attempts to Replicate Sillicon Valley

In fall semester 2009, Professor Robert Isaak, PhD, from Pace University, New York, will be holding a lecture on "Cross-Cultural Management" at the University of Mannheim. He will be hosted by the Chair of "Small-and-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMES) and Entrepreneurship" at the University of Mannheim.

Objectives:  To compare and contrast how management is done in different cultures, focusing first upon the US, Germany, France and Japan. Then the course shifts to consider case studies of what would be needed to set up Silicon Valleys in countries other than the United States—including India, Taiwan, Singapore, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, China and Israel—as well as in poorer developing countries. The stress will be upon how different forms of capitalism and corporate-goveenment networks are illustrated by regional clusters of focused development. The emphasis will be upon successful competition in an era of global turbulence and economic uncertainty, systematically examining high tech regional centers and ‘hot spots’ as examples
using the same 14 criteria.
 Requirements:  Consistent, active attendance, one exam (NO make-ups except for documented severe medical emergencies), an oral presentation on one of the attempts to set up a Silicon Valley in a country outside the U.S. and an annotated bibliography on the report. Annotated bibliographies should have at least one sentence or the thesis or argument of the source and one sentence on the nature of the evidence used by the author to back up the thesis ( peer-reviewed articles or books are, of course, the most legitimate sources). All assigned reading must completed BEFORE the date assigned to make discussion possible. The first part of the exam will be on the readings and lectures: most of these multiple choice/short-answer questions will deal with material that has been covered in class. The second part of the exam will consists of one essay written in class answering the following two-part question: “Which country has succeeded most and why in replicating Silicon Valley, and why has it been so difficult for any other country to fully succeed in doing so?”

Registration is compulsory! Interested students have to register by Professor Robert Isaak via Email (Email: directly during September 1-September 8. Please note that the attendance is restricted to 25 participants who will be selected by "first come, first serve".

For further details consult the attached syllabus.

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Prof. Robert Allen Isaak, PhD
Prof. Robert Allen Isaak, PhD