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(1) Digitalisierung und Wettbewerbsfähigkeit im Mittelstand
(2) Familienunternehmen
(3) Arbeitsmarkt und Selbständigkeit
(4) Entrepreneurship


Aktuelle Veröffentlichungen

Journal Article coauthored by Jan Zybura, Jan-Philipp Ahrens, Baris Istipliler, Michael Woywode and Marc Kowalzick is accepted by Journal of General Management (31.05.24)
Titled as “It takes two to Tango - Conceptualizing the “succession dance” in family firms through social exchange theory”, the new paper is coauthored by ifm researchers Jan-Philipp Ahrens, Baris Istipliler and Michael Woywode as well as ifm Alumni Jan Zybura and Marc Kowalzick (Rotterdam School of Management). mehr...
How Iranian students can master integration into German academia (24.05.24)
Ata Makarem and Karel Douglas Klika
in: Nature Physics 20, 678 - 679

In recent years, German universities have been a destination for thousands of Iranians, especially for doctoral programmes. Dr Ata Makarem, at the time a scientist at the University of Mannheim, and Dr Karel Klika from the German Cancer Research Centre discussed this topic in ‘Nature Physics’ and gave helpful advice for future students.
The past catches up with everyone: legal failures of the previous generation threaten a family firm’s future (21.05.24)
Case Study published by Jan Klaus Tänzler and Annegret Hauer in:
Case Studies in Family Business
Overcoming Destructive Conflict, Deviance, and Dysfunction in the Family Firm
Edited by Roland E. Kidwell
July 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03530 734 0, 246 pp mehr...
Jan-Philipp Ahrens achieves Habilitation from Mannheim University (29.04.24)
Jan-Philipp Ahrens, Head of the Interdisciplinary Research Group Family Firms of the ifm Mannheim, receives the highest academic qualification a person can achieve, from Germany's #1 university in business studies: Mannheim University! mehr...
Prof. Dr. Liu Yipeng - Research Associate at ifm Mannheim and Professor at the Centre for China Management and Global Business at Henley Business School, University of Reading, UK - publishes in the Journal of Product Innovation Management (31.12.23)
This article draws on responsible innovation (RI) undertaken by hybrid organizations, institutional rigidity, and national innovation systems (NISs) to assess and contextualize the innovation performance of for-profit firms seeking to resolve grand challenges (GCs). mehr...
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