ifm Mannheim research fellows receive Best Paper Award from the 2015 Diana International Research Conference in Babson College, USA, June 8-9

The study on “Cross-Country Gender Gaps in Perceived Start-up Ease: Second-Order Effects of Labor Market Segregation” authored by Vartuhi Tonoyan, Robert Strohmeyer and Jennifer E. Jennings received the Best Paper Award at the 2015 Diana International Research Conference on “Women’s Entrepreneurship and Ecosystems” in Babson College, Wellesley, USA. Using a large dataset of over 15,000 employees working within 22 European countries, this multi-level study reveals how sex-based segregation in traditional labor markets exerts ‘second-order’ effects upon entrepreneurship

About the Diana Conference: Founded by Professors Candy Brush, Nancy Carter, Elizabeth Gatewood, Patricia Greene and Myra Hart in 1990, the Diana Conference now involves more than 100 researchers worldwide. The founders of the conference were the first to conduct rigorous and systematic research into women’s entrepreneurship. This year, 35 papers out of 75 submitted in total were selected for presentation at the conference which took place in Babson College, USA. Representatives from 18 countries presented their studies on a range of topics which followed the overarching theme of the event on how women entrepreneurs influence their ecosystems, and how ecosystem and contextual influences create gender gaps in entrepreneurship. See more here:

*Contact author: Dr. Vartuhi Tonoyan, Assistant Professor at the School of Business of the Stevens Institute of Technology, USA,


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