Excursion to Cloud Imperium Games - the producers of “Star Citizen” (Research Seminar MAN 770 HWS 2017)

As part of the research seminar MAN 770 in the fall semester 2017 the course of the chair of SME research & entrepreneurship will visit the young enterprise that currently brings several innovations to the video games industry: Cloud Imperium Games.

As a crowd-funded video game that has raised more than $ 150 Mio. and is supported by vibrant community of nearly 2 Mio. funders, Star Citizen is a phenomenon of unparalleled success: It holds the record for the highest amount that was ever raised for a crowdfunding project. Moreover, its cast it includes well-known Hollywood actors, e.g. Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker).

One of the main entrepreneurship topic of this semester’s interdisciplinary research seminar is to research and analyze the factors that led to this success of the video games start-up that produces the game “Star Citizen”. The course will follow an interdisciplinary and multi-theoretical approach. It incorporates perspectives from management, computer sciences, digital communication, media science, psychology, sociology, business studies, and statistics. Students may also chose topics related to female entrepreneurship and youth entrepreneurship.

The course has no exam, but requires students to present their work and to craft a 10-12 page scientific essay that can have a statistical (quantitative) or writing oriented (qualitative) approach of a related entrepreneurship topic. It familiarizes Masters students with the scientific method and qualifies students for writing a master thesis at our chair.

The course is mainly for Mannheim Master of Management (MMM) students, but a Certificate (Kursschein) may be earned by students from other fields (e.g. MaKuWi, WiPäd, Psychology, Media & Communication, Computer Science etc.) and in some cases ECTS or writing the thesis at our chair may be possible. Guest listeners may also apply for the course.

As capacity is limited, places are distributed first come first serve. Students should register in the portal for the course by September 14th 23:59 p.m. 2017 via the following link: https://portal2.uni-mannheim.de/portal2/pages/cm/exa/coursemanagement/basicCourseData.xhtml?_flowId=searchCourseNonStaff-flow&_flowExecutionKey=e3s1  , search in the portal for the course: MAN 770. Portal registration is open now.

In case you have trouble with the registration, you may contact us for assistance directly:
(Secretary) schleicher@ifm.uni-mannheim.de ,

(Lecturer) andrew.isaak@bwl.uni-mannheim.de ,
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We look foreward to seeing you in class MAN 770 HWS 2017.



Prof. Dr. Dennis Steininger


Initiativen und Portale des ifm:
PD Dr. habil. Jan-Philipp Ahrens
Dr. Robert Strohmeyer
Dr. Baris Istipliler
Dr. Andrew Isaak