Neue Veröffentlichung zur Netzwerkforschung

Zusammen mit Walter W. Powell (Stanford University) und Valeska P. Korff (Universität Potsdam) hat Achim Oberg (ifm) einen Artikel zur Netzwerkforschung in "Research in the Sociology of Organizations" veröffentlicht: "Culture and Connectivity Intertwined: Visualizing Organizational Fields as Relational Structures and Meaning Systems". Mit dem dort beschriebenen Verfahren können verschiedene Konfigurationen sozialer Netzwerke systematisch erforscht werden.

Organizational fields are shaped by both the relations that organizations forge and the language they express. The structure and discourse of organizational fields have been studied before, but seldom in combination. We offer a methodological approach that integrates relations and expressions into a comprehensive visualization.

By mapping networks and discourse as co-constitutive, the method illuminates the mechanisms active in organizational fields. We utilize social impact evaluation as an issue field shaped by the presence of an interstitial community, and compare this structure with simulated alternative field configurations.

The simulations reveal that variation in organizations’ openness to adopting concepts from adjacent meaning systems alters field configurations: differentiation manifests under conditions of low overall openness, whereas moderate receptivity produces hybridizations of discourses and sometimes the emergence of an interstitial community that bridges domains. If certain organizations are open while others remain focused on their original discourse, then we observe integration in the discursive domain of the invariant organizations.

The observations from the simulations are represented by visualizing organizational fields as topographies of meaning, onto which interorganizational relations are layered. This representation localizes organizations and their interactions in a cultural space while emphasizing how meanings of relationships and organizational expressions vary with different field configurations. By adding meaning to network data, the resulting maps open new perspectives for institutional research on the adaptation, translation, and diffusion of concepts.

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Read excerpt “Structure, Content, and Meaning of Organizational Networks: Extending Network Thinking, Introduction” by Julie E. Ferguson, Peter Groenewegen, Christine Moser, Stephen P. Borgatti, and John W. Mohr free online now 

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