ifm Researcher Iuliia Shkrabaliuk talks in Kyiv with Prospective Research Partners and Intensifies Collaboration with GIZ

On July 29 – August 1, 2019 Dr. Iuliia Shkrabaliuk visited Kyiv (Ukraine) to meet with colleagues from the Institute for Economics and Forecasting, Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), Centre for Economic Strategy, Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development and others, to negotiate joint research prospects. The meetings were facilitated by the ifm research fellow Dr. Niclas Rüffer that currently serves as GIZ expert

During the visit the researchers met with Prof. Dr. Igor Yegorov, Head of the Department of Innovation Policy, Institute of the Economy and Forecasting, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, to discuss the completed project ‘Technology Transfer in Post-Socialist Economies – The Case of Ukraine and Russia in Comparison with East Germany and Poland’ (2016-2018), led by Dr. Rüffer, innovation policy and measures intensifying technology transfer in Ukraine and find common grounds to pursue joint research in the future.

A joint meeting in Kyiv School of Economics with Ilona Sologoub, Director of Political and Economic Research, was also attended by the team of KSE researchers, where the research avenues were discussed and also prospects of cooperation in teaching and training outlined. During the visit, Iuliia Shkrabaliuk had a talk with the Executive director of the Centre for Economic Strategy Hlib Vyshlinsky, who partake joint studies of the Germany’s Mittelstand model application for the Ukrainian SME growth with Dr. Rüffer and earlier visited ifm with the group of the Ukrainian researchers in the framework of the ‘Europeanization beyond process – Berlin Policy Hub’ project.

Dr. Shkrabaliuk also visited the GIZ office in Kyiv and negotiated the synergies of cooperation between institutions. A meeting with Tatjana Anischuk, GIZ deputy project director ‘Programme to Support the Green Modernisation of the Ukrainian Economy’ (2014-2018) shed light to the promising think thanks and eco-system organizations in the field of Green Economy of Ukraine. Tackling ecological problems and challenges necessitates better understanding of this emerging field not only in advanced Western countries, but also in the post-socialist regions. Therefore, we held meetings with Director of the Green Economy Institute Dr. Viacheslav Potapenko and Roman Zinchenko, co-Founder of Greencubator, an ecosystem organization for sustainable entrepreneurship, low-carbon innovations and green economy development in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.


Initiativen und Portale des ifm:
Dr. Niclas Rüffer
Dr. Iuliia Shkrabaliuk