Ifm present with three nominations at G-Forum

The ifm was present at this year’s G-Forum conference held in Vienna from September 25th to 27th with three best paper nominations in the research fields of family business and entrepreneurship education.

In the domain of entrepreneurship education Thomas Hipp received a nomination for his paper titled “The impact of students’ human capital investment on entrepreneurial outcomes - How do courses in entrepreneurship affect venture creation and entrepreneurial job choices?”. In this paper he analyzed the effects of entrepreneurship education formats in a university setting. In his novel approach he uses information on the Internet to follow an individual’s path and includes not only venture creation but also entrepreneurial job choices in his analysis.

In the domain of family business, Jan-Philipp Ahrens, Marc Kowalzick, and Jochim G. Lauterbach were nominated for their paper “On conflict and consonance: Founder and family involvement in turnaround situations”. Another nomination goes to Baris Istipliler, Jan-Philipp Ahrens, Suleika Bort, and Andrew Isaak and their paper: “Learning the bias? How successor pre-succession firm experience affects family firm performance”. In this study, they discuss the importance of stewardship behavior in family firms and how experience inside the family firm can decrease firm performance. This study contributes to family business research that aims for a better understanding of the impact of pre-succession experience on firm performance.

G-Forum is an interdisciplinary annual conference with a focus on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Mittelstand. This year`s 23rd conference was held in Vienna, Austria, and focussed on the changes smaller businesses are facing in the globalized world.


Initiativen und Portale des ifm:
PD Dr. habil. Jan-Philipp Ahrens
Dr. Marc Kowalzick
Thomas Hipp, M.Sc., MIB
Dr. Baris Istipliler
Dr. Andrew Isaak