Startup Lounge #103 - MyScribe

We are honored to welcome our next guests for the next Startup Lounge, Lars and Ira from MyScribe!

MyScribe is a freshly founded IT start-up from Mannheim, Germany. The software, developed by software architect Lars Stoll (CTO) himself, is the first web app for documentation in healthcare that uses artificial intelligence to create medical reports. The idea for this arose from personal experience by physician Ira Stoll (CEO). The app complements the existing hospital information system with a modern and user-friendly interface for admission and progress documentation of patients in hospitals. Through the use of myScribe, both process optimization and quality assurance are achieved due to standardized processes and seamless, as well as end-to-end encrypted documentation, as well as high time savings (~73% of the documentation time) and resource conservation.

Currently, the team is looking for talents in the areas of development and marketing/sales who would like to combine working in a startup atmosphere with working on a solution that revolutionizes the healthcare system.

They will be presenting their startup for you first and after you can ask your questions in a Q&A-round. We will follow up the talk with networking where you can connect with the speakers and the other guests over some drinks and a relaxing atmosphere.

So if you're interested in what they do or even want to help their startup grow even more, don't miss the chance to listen to the talk and get in touch with them! No registrations needed, just stop by! See you there!



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