Journal Article coauthored by Baris Istipliler is published at Journal of Business Research

The study titled “Multidimensional cognitive style: Linking founders to firm performance through strategy and resource orchestration” investigates the role entrepreneurs’ cognitive styles play in choice of opportunity approach strategy and resource orchestration behaviors, and how these relate to venture performance

Based on entrepreneurial cognition literature and current cognitive style framework, the study relies on Upper Echelon Theory to postulate how entrepreneurs with different cognitive styles align with different strategic approaches and resource orchestrations to exploit opportunities. In doing so, it adopts a three-dimensional conceptualization of cognitive style (knowing, planning, creating) and attempts to provide a nuanced depiction and explanation of the relationship between cognitive style and firm performance. For this purpose, different decision-making logics (causation and effectuation) as well as different approaches toward resource orchestration (bootstrapping and bricolage) are investigated as mediators.

The article is coauthored by Stephen Lanivich (University of Memphis), Samuel Adomako (University of Birmingham), Mujtaba Ahsan (University of San Diego) and Kevin Cox (Florida Atlantic University) in addition to ifm’s post-doctoral researcher Baris Istipliler, and can be accessed under the following link:



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