The past catches up with everyone: legal failures of the previous generation threaten a family firm’s future

Case Study published by Jan Klaus Tänzler and Annegret Hauer in:
Case Studies in Family Business
Overcoming Destructive Conflict, Deviance, and Dysfunction in the Family Firm
Edited by Roland E. Kidwell
July 2024 ISBN: 978 1 03530 734 0, 246 pp

In this illuminating casebook, Roland Kidwell brings together eminent scholars and researchers, showcasing real-world examples of family businesses and potential challenges they may face. Chapters encapsulate possible tensions that may manifest within family businesses, including sibling rivalry, intergenerational conflict, and clashing ideas about work ethic. Ultimately, the authors propose that it is essential for stakeholders and those in leadership to understand what techniques, policies and behaviors do, and indeed do not, work in family firms. 

Elgar Publishing



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