Dr. Andrew Isaak

Since 2019 Andrew Isaak is assistant professor of Entrepreneurship at the faculty of business and economics at Düsseldorf University. Andrew studied economics at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and completed the full time MBA program in International Business at Pace University's Lubin School of Business in New York. He is a Research Fellow at the Chair for SME Research and Entrepreneurship at the University of Mannheim where he completed his PhD from 2014-2018. He has received the 2018 Best Reviewer Award from the Academy of Management (ENT division) and has been nominated for the Best Paper Award of the RENT Entrepreneurship conference. In August, 2018, he joined the SolBridge International School of Business in South Korea as an Assistant Professor. Previously, he coordinated the behavioral economics lab at the University of Heidelberg's Alfred Weber Institute and founded the crowdfunding startup Tommoko UG. In 2016 he spent four months on a scholarship as visiting researcher at the University of California at Berkeley. In 2017 he became a future research scholar at Plymouth University (UK), focusing on social and transnational entrepreneurship. As part of a scientific evaluation and advisory group for the Schöpflin Foundation, he conducted surveys of NGOs and qualitative interviews with participating refugee and migrant entrepreneurs as part of the team “New Self-Employment” of Dr. René Leicht. In this research stream, he is particularly interested in the role of high-skilled migration in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation.

He also acts as a volunteer juror for the startsocial competition (www.startsocial.de) and as a mentor for Startup Weekend Rhein-Neckar (www.startup-weekend-rhein-neckar.de) and Straßbourg.

His research interests include

  • crowdfunding
  • migrant entrepreneurship
  • behavioral economics
  • entrepreneurial ecosystems
  • sharing economy

In his leasure time Andrew enjoys traveling and the occasional tennis match.


Professional and Academic Development

Since 2019     Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Faculty of Business and Economics Duesselforf   
Since 2018     Assistant Professor of Management – Solbridge International School of Business (South Korea)
Since 2018     Research Fellow, University of Mannheim – Chair for SME Research and Entrepreneurship
2016-2018      Research Associate, University of Mannheim - Chair for SME Research and Entrepreneurship
2016               Visiting Scholar, University of California at Berkeley - Transportation Sustainability Research Center
2013-2016      External Phd Student, Unviversity of Mannheim - Chair for SME Research and Entrepreneurship
2012-2016      Research Associate, University of Mannheim - Dean's Office
Since 2011      Founder and CEO, Tommoko UG - Crowdfunding for Science
2009-2011      Research Associate, University of Heidelberg - Chair for Behavioral and Experimental Economics
2009-2010      Research Assistant, University of Mannheim - Chair for SME Research and Entrepreneurship
2008-2009      Trainee, Accenture (London and Frankfurt) - Technology Consulting (for Lufthansa and Ministry of Finance)
2004-2006      Research Assistant, Pace University New York, Center for International Business
2002-2003      Teaching Assistant, Bucknell University, Department of Economics


Best Reviewer Award, 2018 Academy of Management Conference (ENT Division)
Travel Grant, Julius-Paul-Stiegler Foundation (750€)
Best Reviewer Award (2018), Junior Management Science: Technology & Entrepreneurship Track (500€ Prize)
EU Erasmus Teaching Stipend (at Plymouth University, UK)
Travel Scholarship (funded by DAAD & BMBF)
Travel Stipend of the German-French Doctoral Association “CIERA”
Best Paper Nomination, RENT (Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business) XXV Conference
National Semifinals, Startup Simulation “Exist Primecup”
Awarded University of Heidelberg Research Grant to conduct Experiment (3000€)
Federal Assistance Award, US Embassy Berlin for volunteer services in “Meet US Program”

Ad-Hoc Reviewer

Since 2017     Junior Management Science (JMS – Journal for the best management theses in Germany)
Since 2016     International Journal of Emerging Markets (Emerald)
Since 2010     Academy of Management Conference, divisions: ENT, TIM, OCIS (~ 50 papers reviewed so far)
Since 2016     European Academy of Management Conference (divisions: entrepreneurship and family business)
2010               Austrian Journal of Marketing: Special Issue on Neuromarketing


Leicht, R.; Berwing, S.; Isaak, A. (forthcoming). How Precarious is Migrant Self-Employment in Germany? An Analysis of National Microcensus Data. Book chapter in Eds. Wieteke, C. & Schippers, J. Self-Employment as Precarious Work: A European Perspective. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK.

Isaak, A.; Liu, Y. (2016): Effectuation Spectra in Chinese High-tech Entrepreneurship: Domain-specitic Logic Orientations and Cross-Border M&A. Book chapter in Eds. Tarba, S & Weber, Y. Emerald edited volume on M&A on Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitive Strategy. Emerald Publishing Group: Bingley, UK, 51-88.

Isaak, R.; Zybura, J.; Isaak, A. (2016): Replicating Silicon Valley: Talent & Techno-management in a Culture of Serendipity. Book chapter in  Ed. Liu, Y. Entrepreneur and Talent Management from a Global Perspective. Edward Elgar: Cheltenham, UK.

Isaak, A. (2015). Failing to Scale and Scaling to Fail: How Social Entrepreneurs Exploit- Impure Non-profits in Order to Attain Economies of Scale. Proceedings of the First International Workshop on the Sharing Economy. Utrecht University: Holland.

Isaak, A. (2014). Bitcoin Börse leitet neue Transparenzmaßnahmen ein. Published online on Sept. 4th,.2014, Tecchannel (PC Welt Verlag).

Erlen, B.; Isaak, A. (2014): Business Ratios. Wiley: Weinheim, Germany & New York, USA.

Bachenheimer, B.; Isaak, R.; Isaak, A. (2014): Reaching for Scalable Entrepreneurship: Implications for Growth & Job Creation, in Entrepreneurship: Theory, Role of Economic Development and Practices. Nova Science Publishers: Hauppauge, USA.

Isaak, A. (2010). What’s in Store for Firefox 4. Published online on Dec.18th, 2010. Techeye (Ed. Mike Magee of The Register).

Isaak, A. & Zybreg, C. (2008). Exclusive Look at Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 RC1. Published online on Dec. 12th, 2008. TGDaily.

Isaak, A. (2005): An Analysis of Competition in the US Flat Glass Industry. Proceedings of the Research Symposium in Management at Dalhousie University, Canada.

Conference Participation and Invited Talks

Academy of Management Specialized Conference (2018, accepted), Tel Aviv, Israel. Chair of Symposium on Crowdfunding Research.

GSOM Emerging Markets Conference (2018, accepted), St. Petersburg, Russia

European Academy of Management (2018), Rejkyavik, Iceland.

Academy of Management (2017), Atlanta. Chair of Paper Session on ‘Crowdfunding Resources’ for Entrepreneurship division; invited to Paper Development Workshop on Crowdfunding of OCIS divison; volunteer for TIM division

ACCER (Cross-Cultural Experiments in the Sociel Sciences, Economics and Management) Workshop (2017), Duisburg.

MDE (Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship) Conference (2017), Bremen.

Consciousness and Intention in Economics (2016), Kyoto, Japan.

First International Workshop on the Sharing Economiy (2015), Utrecht, Holland.

Invited to Workshop on Ambiguity and Decision-Making in Organizations with James G. March (2012), Stanford, CA.

China Goes Global Conference (2011), Cambridge, MA.

RENT (Research in Entrepreneurship and Small Business) XXV (2011), Bodo, Norway.

First Heidelberg Summer School on Neuroeconomics (2011), Heidelberg.

ESA (Economics Science Association) Conference (2011), Chicago, IL.



Studien von Jan-Philipp Ahrens und Andrew Isaak in dem IAP Buch “European Entrepreneurship Research and Practice” erschienen (20.04.20)
Im Rahmen der IAP Reihe The Entrepreneurship SIG at European Academy of Management: New Horizons with strong Traditions ist das Buch "European Entrepreneurship Research and Practice - A Multifaceted Effort Towards Integration of Different Perspectives” (herausgegeben von Massimiliano Pellegrini, Luca Gnan, Hans Lundberg, Matthias Raith, Lucrezia Songini und Marzena Starnawska) erschienen.
In diesem Band wurden auch die Studien “The Succession Question and the Family Firm: A Theoretical, Conceptual, and Historical Reflection” von Jan-Philipp Ahrens und "An Explorative Study of Refugee Entrepreneurship and Start-up Consulting in German-Speaking Europe: A Resource-Based Perspective” von Andrew Isaak veröffentlicht.
Ifm present with three nominations at G-Forum (23.10.19)
The ifm was present at this year’s G-Forum conference held in Vienna from September 25th to 27th with three best paper nominations in the research fields of family business and entrepreneurship education. mehr...
ifm stark auf der European Academy of Management (18.07.18)
Wissenschaftler des ifm und der Universität Mannheim organisieren Vortragsreihen zu Schwerpunktthemen und präsentieren aktuelle Forschung auf der Jahreskonferenz der European Academy of Management, der führenden europäischen Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Managementforschung in Europa. mehr...
Weltflüchtlingstag am 20. Juni: Projektupdate der vielseitigen Forschung am ifm zur Arbeitsmarktintegration von Geflüchteten (19.06.18)
Das Team Neue Selbständigkeit des Instituts für Mittelstandforschung befasst sich derzeit mit fünf verschiedenen Projekten zum Selbständigkeitspotenzial und zur Arbeitsmarktintegration von Geflüchteten. Im Folgenden finden Sie einen kurzen Überblick über die laufenden Projekte mehr...
Best Reviewer Award 2018 from Junior Management Science (13.04.18)
The editorial team of Journal Management Science, Professor Dr. Dominik von Aaken (University of Salzburg), Professor Dr. Sascha Raithel (Free University of Berlin), as well as Dr. Wolf Prieß (Joachim Herz Foundation) have selected Andrew Isaak (PhD candidate at the Chair for SME Research and Entrepreneurship) as a recipient of the 2018 Best Reviewer Award. The €500 prize recognizes excellence in reviewing in the area of “Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship”. mehr...
MDE 2017 - The 3rd International Conference on Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship – Das ifm war mit 8 AutorInnen und 6 Vorträgen vertreten (10.11.17)
Die jährlich in Bremen stattfindende internationale Konferenz zu „Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship“ lud am 30. November – 1. Dezember 2017 zum dritten Mal ein. Das ifm Mannheim war mit 8 AutorInnen und 6 Vorträgen vertreten. Ein weiterer Hinweis darauf, dass das Thema Integration von Migranten und Geflüchteten in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft unter den Nägeln brennt und wir am ifm Mannheim hierzu nach guten Lösungsansätzen forschen. mehr...
Spiegel article about the research seminar on the crowdfunding phenomenon "Star Citizen" in HWS 2017 (11.09.17)
Spiegel Online, one of the leading German online news portal and online sibling of "Der Spiegel", has published a dedicated article on the upcoming research seminar MAN 770: www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/games/star-ci... . mehr...
Excursion to Cloud Imperium Games - the producers of “Star Citizen” (Research Seminar MAN 770 HWS 2017) (08.09.17)
As part of the research seminar MAN 770 in the fall semester 2017 the course of the chair of SME research & entrepreneurship will visit the young enterprise that currently brings several innovations to the video games industry: Cloud Imperium Games. mehr...
ifm mit zwei Beiträgen auf MDE Workshop on Refugee Entrepreneurship vertreten (25.07.17)
Das Team des ifm-Forschungsprogramms Analysen zum Gründungspotenzial und zur Arbeitsmarktintegration von Geflüchteten AG² präsentierte zwei Forschungsprojekte im Rahmen des MDE Workshop on Refugee Entrepreneurship an der Universität Bremen. mehr...
Förderung von Gründungsunterstützung für Menschen mit Fluchtgeschichte - Die Preisträger (28.06.17)
Die Schöpflin Stiftung hat im Rahmen der Veranstaltung »Perspektive: (neu)Start« am 3. Mai 2017 in Berlin drei Initiativen ausgezeichnet, die Geflüchtete bei der Entwicklung, Konkretisierung und Umsetzung ihrer Gründungsidee unterstützen. mehr...
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