Dr. Michael Potstada (Alumnus)

Michael Potstada is a PhD candidate at the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences, University of Mannheim. Currently, he is a visiting scholar at Scancor, Stanford University, USA.

In 2010, he graduated with a CEMS Master’s in International Management degree from ESADE Business School, Barcelona and UCD Smurfit Business School, Dublin. He received his B.Sc. Business Administration and Economics from the University of Passau with a one-year stay at California State University, USA.

Besides practical experience in auditing, consulting and financial accounting he lived his entrepreneurial mindset by founding a tutoring company that focuses on preparation courses as well as general support for business degree examinations at German universities. At present, he is a project manager at InnovationLab GmbH, a company founded by BASF, Merck, SAP, and others. He is participating in a FP7 consortium and works on technology roadmapping for the European Comission.

His research interest lies at the intersection of innovation management, high-technology cluster and organizational theory.


Publikation: An alignment approach for an industry in the making - new Article published online (05.11.15)
Potstada, M., & Zybura, J. (2016). An alignment approach for an industry in the making: DIGINOVA and the case of digital fabrication. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 102, 182-192. mehr...
Publikation: The role of context in science fiction prototyping: The digital industrial revolution (10.12.13)
Publikation in Technological Forecasting & Social Change von Michael Potstada und Jan Zybura,Volume 84, May 2014, Pages 101–114.
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