Dr. Iuliia Shkrabaliuk

Iuliia Shkrabaliuk graduated from the Institute of International Relations of the Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv in Ukraine with MSc summa cum laude in International Business and minor in Translation Studies. After she completed her doctoral degree with international economics focus in 2014, she continued working as a research fellow and assistant professor in her alma mater at the Chair of International Finance and Chair of International Economics and Marketing. Since May 2019, jointly with ifm researchers she investigated incentives and institutional voids as facilitators or prohibitive factors of knowledge exchange and technology transfer both at national and regional level in the post-socialist countries, compared to Germany.

A grant of the VolkswagenStiftung led her to the University of Mannheim for the research project ‘Institutions, Networks, Knowledge Transfer, and Innovations: A Comparison of the Development of the Green Economy in Ukraine, Russia, and Germany’ (2020-2022). It purposes to explore institutional and structural embedding of innovations, underpinning institutions and interorganizational networks in the selected industries of Green Economy in Ukraine and Germany, along with their differential impact on knowledge sharing and innovation generation. Whereas contributing to the literature that links institutions, innovations, and networks of organisations, the project aims to explain, inter alia, how institutions and networks interact in various institutional settings, specific to the contexts of emerging industries and post-socialist economies.

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Institutions, Networks, Knowledge Transfer, and Innovations: A Comparison of the Development of the Green Economy in Ukraine, Russia, and Germany (11.12.19)
The Volkswagen Foundation approved funding for the three-year project which was granted through the initiative Trilateral Partnerships – Cooperation Projects between Scholars and Scientists from Ukraine, Russia and Germany. The Institute of SME Research and Entrepreneurship of the University of Mannheim will implement it in partnership with the Institute for Economics and Forecasting of the National Academy of Science (Ukraine) and the Siberian Federal University (Russian Federation).
Prof. Dr. Michael Woywode Delivered a Speech on ‘Who Innovates? R&D in Germany and Ukraine’ during 'The Days of Ukraine' in Baden-Württemberg (01.10.19)
On September 19–20, 2019, The Days of Ukraine in Baden-Württemberg took place in Tübingen under the motto ‘Advancing Science and Education through International Cooperation’. Almost 70 researchers from Baden-Württemberg, German and Ukrainian, met to present the best practice of collaborations in research, innovation, and higher education in the region, discuss challenges of lasting partnerships and new opportunities for cooperation, network and exchange ideas. mehr...
ifm Researcher Iuliia Shkrabaliuk talks in Kyiv with Prospective Research Partners and Intensifies Collaboration with GIZ (16.08.19)
On July 29 – August 1, 2019 Dr. Iuliia Shkrabaliuk visited Kyiv (Ukraine) to meet with colleagues from the Institute for Economics and Forecasting, Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), Centre for Economic Strategy, Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development and others, to negotiate joint research prospects. The meetings were facilitated by the ifm research fellow Dr. Niclas Rüffer that currently serves as GIZ expert mehr...
Gastwissenschaftler aus der Ukraine, Südkorea und Südafrika am ifm Mannheim (23.02.18)
PhD Iuliia Shkrabaliuk aus der Ukraine, PhD Ndivhuho Tshikovhi aus Südafrika und Inok Han aus Südkorea verbringen derzeit Forschungsaufenthalte am ifm Mannheim. mehr...
Abschlusskonferenz des Projekts “Trilaterale Partnerschaften” zu Technologietransfer zwischen Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft in Russland und der Ukraine (21.02.18)
Gemeinsam mit Vertretern der Sibirische Föderale Universität in Krasnojarsk (Russland) und der Nationale Taras-Schewtschenko-Universität in Kiew (Ukraine) führte das ifm Mannheim die Abschlusskonferenz des von der VolkswagensStiftung geförderten Projekts "Technology Transfer in Post-Socialist Economies – The Case of Ukraine and Russia in Comparison with East Germany and Poland" durch. Hierbei präsentierten die Mitarbeiter der beteiligten Universitäten gemeinsam die Ergebnisse ihrer Forschung und es wurde eine weitere enge Zusammenarbeit der beteiligten Universitäten in Lehre und Forschung vereinbart. mehr...
Dr. Niclas Rüffer besucht die Ökonomische Universität Odessa und die Ivan Franko Universität Lviv (27.09.17)
Im Rahmen des von der Volkswagenstiftung geförderten Projektes „Trilaterale Partnerschaften“ besuchten Natalia Droszd von der National University Kiew und Dr. Niclas Rüffer vom ifm die Ökonomische Universität Odessa. Im weiteren Verlauf seines Forschungsaufenthaltes hatte Dr. Rüffer die Gelegenheit, gemeinsam mit Iulia Shkrabaliuk von der Nationalen Universität Kiew die Ivan Franko National University Lviv zu besuchen. mehr...
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