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Evaluation of the course "Strategic Management, Sociology and Psychology in the Family Business" is online! (07.10.19)
The seminar "Strategic Management, Sociology and Psychology in the Family Business" achieved very high grades and was described by students as "best and most comprehensive course I have participated in during my business studies" and to have an "outstanding & inspiring atmosphere". Overall, the course was rated 1,2 and was held by Assistant Prof. Dr. Ahrens and Dr. Iuliia Shkrabaliuk (lecturers rated 1,0), while the STATA-tutorial was given by Baris Istipliler and Marc Kowalzick (both PhD students). The complete course evaluation is attached. The application for MAN 770 Spring is open. mehr...
For a better future! Conference track on sustainability and family firms organised by Prof. Hauser (HTW Chur) and Assistant Prof. Ahrens (Uni Mannheim) (16.07.19)
Bringing together researchers from multiple backgrounds and countries to discuss how family firms can adress critical societal challenges of our time and transition towards a sustainable, green and equitable economy, Prof. Hauser (HTW Chur) and Assistant Prof. Ahrens (Uni Mannheim) organize a track at the 17th Interdisciplinary European Conference on Entrepreneurship Research which this year takes place in the Netherlands. mehr...
Master Theses are offered: Family Firms in the US (10.07.19)
Family Firm Researchers at the Chair of SME Research and Entrepreneurship offer master students a unique opportunity to write their theses on family firms in the US context. Students will have a chance to learn and apply the state-of-the-art techniques in research by compiling and using a unique dataset of S&P 1500 firms in the US. mehr...
Assistant Prof. Dr. Ahrens teaches "Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Theoretical Foundations and Practical Approaches" at the Summer School of Mannheim University (10.07.19)
Today’s economic landscape is influenced by highly innovative ventures of two major groups: Young entrepreneurial start-ups such as Tesla, and existing firms such as IBM or Google with strong intrapreneurial activities and innovation management. But how can we manage innovation, how can we lever entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial resources and capabilities? What are key entrepreneurial competencies of founders and (future) top level executives in today’s fast moving digital business world? These are the topics covered at this year's summer school at Mannheim University. Light is also shed on techniques for competitive positioning and strategic dimensions of recent developments such as digitalization and their implications for new ventures and business models.
Jan-Philipp Ahrens und Baris Istipliler organize conference track on family firm management & governance at the European Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Lisbon (24.06.19)
Together with co-proponents from the USA (Columbia University, Wharton School, University of North Carolina, University of Nevada Las Vegas), France (INSEAD), Hong-Kong (HKU), Switzerland (HTWC), Belgium (University of Antwerp), The Netherlands (University of Nyenrode), Italy (University of Foggia and Tor Vergata), and Germany (University of Hamburg and University of Magdeburg) scientists of the IfM/Management Area organize a conference track on family firm management & governance at Europe's largest annual management conference. The track was initiated and is chaired by Assistant Prof. Jan-Philipp Ahrens. mehr...
Assistant Prof. Dr. Ahrens holds executive workshop on the secrets of German Family Firm Management (18.06.19)
What are typical strategic leadership techniques in German family firms? Why do family firm leaders so often emphasize investments in human capital, responsibility, and a unique and vibrant firm culture? How can family firms ensure a continuous and sustainable innovation culture while they often operate in remote regions? These were some of the questions adressed in the executive workshop organized by the chair for Entrepreneurship and SME-Research of the University of Mannheim.
Assistant Prof. Dr. Ahrens gives speech on "Intergenerational Responsibility" at Lemberg University (07.06.19)
Under the title "Responsibility across Generations" Lemberg Catholic University hosted an international conference on the responsibility of family businesses for society – e.g. sustainability, responsible consumption, charity, social responsibility – as well as responsibilities of family companies for themselves – e.g. family constitutions, stakeholder agreements, succession planinng, and social capital nuturing. As a platform for family businesses, civil society actors, and research institutions fostering sustainable economic development, the conference was co-organized by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).
Prof. Woywode and Assistant Prof. Ahrens hold workshop on management techniques with Chinese entrepreneurs from the digital and media industry (06.06.19)
What can China learn from typical management techniques applied in market-leading German firms, especially family firms, and what can we learn from China? How do German start-ups and SMEs manage to become global leaders in their niche? These were the key questions discussed in the workshop held at University of Mannheim that was attended by 30 entrepreneurs and decision makers of the digital and media industry from China.
MAN 770 Spring 2019 evaluation is online: rated 1,1 by students (29.05.19)
The seminar "Leadership and (Family-) CEOs, Restructuring & Financial Performance" achieved very high grades and was described by students as "the best seminar in MMM" and the "best course in my whole studies!" The guest lectures were perceived as "amazing" and the course's roleplay formats were positively mentioned by students. The complete course evaluation is attached. The application for MAN 770 Fall/Winter is open. mehr...
Dr. Maria Alexopoulou als Expertin bei Podiumsdiskussion zu Zukunftsperspektiven für den Rechtsstaat (22.05.19)
Dr. Maria Alexopoulou, Projektmitarbeiterin im Team Neue Selbständigkeit am ifm, war am 9. Mai bei einer Podiumsdiskussion zu "Historischen Lehren und aktuellen Zukunftsperspektiven für den demokratischen Rechtsstaat" im Stuttgarter Haus der Geschichte als Expertin eingeladen. mehr...

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