Startup Lounge #102

Cafe Agata, Mafinex Building, Julius-Hatry-Straße 1, 68163 Mannheim


Das Mannheim Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation veranstaltet am 29. März wieder eine Startuplounge. Diesmal wird Openstage zu Gast sein, ein spannendes Startup aus dem Bereich Cultural Entrepreneurship. Die Veranstaltung erfolgt daher auch in Kooperation mit der Mannheim Research Group in Culture, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (MARCIE).

We are honored to welcome you to our next Startup Lounge! This startup Lounge is co-hosted by MARCIE, Mannheim Research Group in Culture and Innovation and Entrepreneurship and features Open Stage.

Open Stage includes culture and urban entertainment into the services offered by Smart Cities. Via an app it is possible to book public spaces to perform music, theatre, dance and other kinds of performing arts. Those public spaces are equipped with a technological totem that incorporate audio speakers, mixer, led lights and IoT sensors in order to create a real stage. Open Stage develops projects for smart cities and creates innovative communication and marketing opportunities.

Don’t miss the chance to hear an interesting talk from the founders of Open Stage! We will be looking forward to good conversations and some drinks at AGATA Café. Just stop by. No tickets are required! See you there!


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