Research articles of AkadR Dr. Jan-Philipp Ahrens win Best Article Award and an Honourable Mention

Current research of the IfM Family Business Research Team is being awarded and celebrated for its practical relevance and its scientific methodological rigour at two international peer-reviewed conferences.

Last week, a current project on leadership research in family business was awarded a “Best Article Award” at the International Family Business Research Forum. The International Family Business Research Forum is one of the most competitive and exclusive conferences in the family business research field. It has a very high conference rejection rate that by far exceeds that of major large management conferences leading to an excellent selection of high quality presentations ranging from junior scholars to world renowned senior researchers from more than 20 countries. This year it took place in Naples, University Federico II, and was organized by Prof. Mussolino (University Federico II), Prof. Minichilli (Bocconi University), and Prof. Calabrò (Witten University). The awarded research led by Dr. Ahrens investigates the performance effect of CEO retention subsequent to a CEO succession using a contingency approach in a large scale quantitative panel econometrics study. The research award recognizes the practical implications and the methodological and theoretical rigor of the research. Next year the International Family Business Research Forum will take place at WU Vienna University.

Two month before, another research project led by Dr. Ahrens on the identification and isolation of the family CEO effect was honoured with an “Honourable Mention” at the European Academy of Management Annual Conference that was held Paris. The research tries to isolate the performance effect of having a “family CEO successor” from other related economic forces. The article was chosen based on very high reviewer scores the article gained in the double-blind submission process. The European Academy of Management conference is the largest European annual conference in the field of management.

Next year the European Academy of Management will be organized in Glasgow at Strathclyde University. Together with the Family Business Research Team of the Zeppelin University, the IfM Family Business Research Team of the University of Mannheim will be organizing a track on “Methods & Theories in Family Business Research”. The track will be dedicated to rigorous and novel methodological approaches as well as to theoretical advancements in the field of family business research. It invites all papers dedicated to the further development and diffusion of methods (quantitative and qualitative) from related fields (e.g., financial economics, marketing, or organizational behaviour). In 2017 it especially (but do not limit) calls for papers at the intersection between finance and accounting in family business research. The CALL FOR PAPERS is attached to this news. Further questions can be directed to the track chairs: Jan-Philipp Ahrens (University of Mannheim), Susanne Beck (Zeppelin University), and Celine Barredy (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense).




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