Dipl.-Kffr. Jieping Chen, MBA promoviert an der Fakultät für BWL der Universität Mannheim mit einer Arbeit zum Innovationsverhalten chinesischer Unternehmen

Under the title "Innovation in China: The Promise and the Challenge in a Transition Economy" Mrs. Chen explores in her dissertation the role of the state and the regions in China jointly with industry level and firm aspects to find out more about the current status quo and the drivers of innovation in China.

Revolving around the innovation issues, each chapter of her dissertation discusses the corresponding research topics from different theoretical angles including a national innovation (NIS) and regional innovation system (RIS) perspective, an economic geographical perspective, a resource based perspective and also a supply chain management and learning perspective. This dissertation comprises both quantitative as well as qualitative/ and literature based research approaches.

Mrs. Chen received her prior academic eductation both in China and in Germany. She has been a member of the Ph.D. program (CDSB) at the Graduate School of Economics and Social Sciences (GESS), Following her Ph.D. she now takes on a Postdoc position at Tongji University in Shanghai, China..




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