Jan-Philipp Ahrens und Baris Istipliler organize conference track on family firm management & governance at the European Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Lisbon

Together with co-proponents from the USA (Columbia University, Wharton School, University of North Carolina, University of Nevada Las Vegas), France (INSEAD), Hong-Kong (HKU), Switzerland (HTWC), Belgium (University of Antwerp), The Netherlands (University of Nyenrode), Italy (University of Foggia and Tor Vergata), and Germany (University of Hamburg and University of Magdeburg) scientists of the IfM/Management Area organize a conference track on family firm management & governance at Europe's largest annual management conference. The track was initiated and is chaired by Assistant Prof. Jan-Philipp Ahrens.

Scientists of the University of Mannheim's "Management Area" and the IfM organize a conference track and present current research at the annual conference of the European Academy of Management, the leading European association for the promotion of management research in Europe. With over 2,000 submissions, the conference, hosted by the University of Lisbon in the capital Portugal, is the largest European conference in the field of management research.

The Management Area of the University of Mannheim contributed significantly to the organization of the track "Finance, Management, Governance & Accounting in Family Firms" called for by Assistant Prof. Dr. Jan-Philipp Ahrens and Baris Istipliler, PhD candidate, as well as other international scholars. As part of this Prof. Dr. Michael Woywode and various members of the Area act as Sessions Chairs and Discussants and a large number of area scientists volunteered to participate in the review processes of the large number of international submissions in this track. We are proud to anounce that on average each submission received four peer-refereed reviews. This year the track which is now being held for the third time attracted 19 full papers from all around the world, the highest number of submission it has received so far. The accepted papers will be presented in four paper sessions (three papers each).

Moreover, during the conference scientists of the Management Area of the University of Mannheim will present 3 research projects of 6 Area scientists.



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