MDE 2017 - The 3rd International Conference on Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship – Das ifm ist mit 8 AutorInnen und 6 Vorträgen vertreten

Die jährlich in Bremen stattfindende internationale Konferenz zu „Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship“ läd am 30. November – 1. Dezember 2017 zum dritten Mal ein – Das ifm ist mit 8 AutorInnen und 6 Vorträgen vertreten.

The International Conference on Migration and Diaspora Entrepreneurship (MDE) is an annual conference. The conference aims at bringing together international researchers in different disciplines, practitioners and policy makers in order to develop better understanding of entrepreneurship in the context of migration and co-create better solutions for the modern society facing the most complex migration in the human history. The MDE facilitates a platform for interdisciplinary discussions from diverse perspectives.

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Geplante Präsentationen aus dem ifm:

  • Carina Hartmann, Andrew Isaak: “A Resource-Based Perspectives on Start-up Consulting Proposals for Refugees”
  • Esra Polat: “How do formal and informal ties affect work patterns and environment of self-employed lawyers of Turkish origin in Germany?”
  • Carina Hartmann: "Entrepreneurship as a pathway to economic integration for refugees? Quantitative insights on the resources of former immigration cohorts in Germany"
  • Stefan Berwing: “Professional Development in Migrant Business”
  • Dr. Niclas Rüffer: “The Impact of Founder Teams Diversity on Failure – The Effect of Cultural, Job-Related and Background-Related Diversity on new Venture’s Survival”
  • Katharina Schilling, Nora Zybura, Ralf Philipp: “Female migrant entrepreneurship in Germany – Recent developments and determinants”


Initiativen und Portale des ifm:
Stefan Berwing
Dr. Niclas Rüffer
Katharina Schilling
MBA Andrew Isaak
Carina Hartmann
Esra Polat
Nora Zybura
Ralf Philipp